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Paving Update for 192:

Caltrans will begin a project this summer to resurface a six-mile stretch of State Route 192 from Cold Spring Road to approximately ¾ mile west of Nidever Road.  The resurfacing will fill in the gaps between the previously completed emergency repair work. The specific locations included in this project are:  

  1. Cold Spring Road to the intersection of State Route 192 / Sycamore Canyon Road

  2. Hot Springs Road to east of Moore Road

  3. East of Romero Canyon Creek Bridge to Ladera Lane

  4. Toro Canyon Park to west of Nidever Road

Motorists will encounter one-way reversing traffic control weekdays during the daytime hours.  The public may contact Caltrans District 5 Public Information Officer Jim Shivers at (805) 549-3237 or email at:  with questions about the project.

Roundabouts at Olive Mill and San Ysidro Rd:

Photos of the rendered Olive Mill Roundabout here.

Plans of the Olive Mill Roundabout here.

Supporting documents for the Olive Mill Roundabout here. 


The Montecito Association Transportation Committee reviews and researches transportation safety and infrastructure issues to inform the Montecito Association’s advocacy on behalf of the community. All efforts are intended to preserve and protect the semi-rural residential character of the community and reach solutions that benefit the residents of Montecito. 

We meet on the first Tuesdays, as part of the merged Land Use / Transportation Committee team at 4:00 PM


- Chad Chase, Chair

- Cliff Ghersen

- Jack Overall

- Robert Short

- Thorn Robertson

- Geoff Slaff

- Doug Black



Schedule of Road Repairs 2020 - 2021

You can also look at the Public Works site:

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