The Montecito Association Board of Directors is made up of 17 volunteer directors and includes five officers.  The Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m.

Due to COVID, our board meetings have been moved to Zoom video calls. Please contact us at for details.


District 1: Sandy Stahl

District 2: William Macfayden (on border with District 1)

District 2: Andrea Newquist

District 2: Aimee Miller

District 2: William Babbitt

District 3: Kathi King - Treasurer, Events Co-Chair

District 3: Megan Orloff - President

District 3: Doug Black, 1st Vice President

District 4: Chad Chase - Land Use Chair

District 4: Cindy Feinberg - Secretary

District 4: Houghton Hyatt - 2nd Vice President, Events Co-Chair

District 4: John Murphy

District 4: Robert Kemp 

District 4: Marshall Miller

District 5: Jeffrey Schlossberg

District 5: Penelope Bianchi

District 5: Martha Gray


Tuesday, Feb 9

Tuesday, Mar. 9

Tuesday, Apr. 6

Tuesday, May 11

Tuesday, Jun. 8

Tuesday, Jul. 13

Tuesday, Aug. 10

Tuesday, Sep. 7

Tuesday, Oct. 12

Tuesday, Nov. 9

Tuesday, Dec. 7


During COVID 19, Board Meetings will be on Zoom. To get login info, please email

 Board Meeting of the Montecito Association
        Every month on the Second Tuesday at 4:00 PM.