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Frequently Asked Questions

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Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles may be reported to the California Highway Patrol by calling 805-967-1234 and reporting the make, color and location of the vehicle. Vehicles can be cited and towed if left on a public street for more than 72 hours or if left on County property for more than 108 hours.

Butterfly Beach

Yes, parties, weddings and receptions can be held on Butterfly Beach. There are no reservations because it is a county beach. It is on a first come first serve basis and as long as your party is not roped off, you may have tables, chairs, etc. There is no parking on Channel Drive from 2am to 5am daily. Alcohol is NOT permitted on the beach.


Construction may take place from 7:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday ONLY. No construction shall occur on State Holidays (e.g. Thanksgiving, Labor Day).

Construction signs may not exceed 8 feet.

All construction complaints (noise, permit, etc.) should be directed to the zoning violation hotline 568-3558.

Noise Complaints

It is a violation of County Code Section 40-2 for amplified noise to be audible within 100 feet of a property line after 10 pm and before 7 am, Sunday night - Friday morning and after midnight and before 7 am on Friday and Saturday nights. Complaints may be made to the County Sheriff who can cite the offender after putting the party on notice of the disturbance.

There are no limitations on the hours during which noise generating gardening can be done. The County does not have ordinances that restrict the use of leaf blowers.

It is always recommended to speak with the neighbor first, to advise them of the concern about the barking. If it persists, there is a complaint process you must go through. Three neighbors' complaints are needed before action can be taken. The County Animal Service Division (681-4397) can investigate or for more information you can also call Santa Barbara Shelter (681-5258).


Our local roadways are narrow and safe usage requires the cooperation of drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. This has become more difficult as our roadways become more crowded. We are aware of concerns in the community about bicycling groups delaying vehicle traffic at times. In order to keep the peace and keep tempers calm, the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBC) has offered to reach out to local bike groups. If you see a problem, you may report it to Ed France, SBBC at 805-845-8955.

The wooden street signs in Montecito are maintained by the Montecito Community Foundation. Reports of damaged signs may be called into the Montecito Association at 969-2026.
County signs are maintained by County Public Works. Reports can be made to the County at 568-3232 or the Montecito Association at 969-2026.


You need to ask "Are you in the coastal zone?"

In the Coastal Zone
They need to contact Planning & Development at 568-2000 to determine if a permit is required for tree removal. Typically, permits are required to remove native trees or trees that serve as roosting sites for monarch butterflies. (No ordinance for trimming trees in the coastal zone)

Not in the Coastal Zone
Unless the tree cutting is within environmentally sensitive habitat such as a creek area or oak woodland, no permit is required unless the work is part of a development project that otherwise requires a permit.  This is despite Montecito Community Plan policies that encourage the preservation of native and specimen trees and identifies a future action to adopt a tree protection ordinance.
Permitted projects are often conditioned to require tree protection.  If a situation requires enforcement, contact Planning & Development at 568-2000.

There is no height limitation on hedges in Montecito. Both trees and hedges are civil matters between neighbors.