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Santa Barbara, CA 93108

P.O. Box 5278
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Tel: (805) 969-2026
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Montecito Community Hall

The Montecito Community Hall is available for use by local nonprofit and for-profit organizations.  The maximum capacity of the room is 49 people.  Tables and chairs are available.  Room set-up is the responsibility of the user.

The Community Hall Use Agreement may be found here.

To inquire about availability and make a reservation, please telephone the Montecito Association at (805) 969-2026.

Room availability can be viewed on this CALENDAR


Groups of 1 to 10


for 3 hours or less
for ½ day

Groups of 11 to 19


for 3 hours or less
for ½ day

Groups of 20 or Larger


for 3 hours or less
for ½ day

Should a meeting or use be for longer than 4 hours, a full day charge of $75 will be assessed.

There is a refundable $10 key deposit charge. (A separate check is requested for easier refund processing.)


There is NO SMOKING - FOOD or DRINK (except bottled water) permitted in the Community Hall.

Parking is not available in the Montecito Library parking lot during library business hours (Monday through Saturday 10:00am – 5:30pm.)