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Smart Meters

Monday, February 27, 2012

Update - CPUC Approves Opt-Out for SCE Customers. 
Information on how to opt out is provided at the Smart Meter Information link below.  Wireless smart meters are being installed throughout California to replace existing analog meters.  In our area, SCE has plans to replace electrical meters with wireless meters.  They collect electrical usage information and transmit it to collector meters located within about a half mile radius.  The collector meters transmit the information to SCE.  The individual meters also transmit into homes to communicate with “smart” appliances that include wireless communication devices.  The system will allow for variable pricing for power use and more detailed monitoring of usage.

There are concerns about the health effects associated with exposure to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the smart meters.  Some are also concerned about security related to the transmission of electrical usage information. 

The Montecito Association has taken the position that utility customers should have the ability to opt out from the smart meter program if they so desire.  We have expressed this to the County Board of Supervisors and the California PUC.  The CPUC has recently approved opt out programs for PG&E and SCE customers.  SCE has received approval to charge a $75 set up fee and $10 monthly fee for residential customers that elect to opt-out.

To request to opt-out, you must contact SCE at (800) 810-2369 (English) or (800) 477-4455 (Spanish)

SCE information on their smart meter program can be found at Smart Meter Information

Information about upcoming installation may be found here:  Santa Barbara District Overview

For more information on concerns regarding smart meters try

For an entertaining article on the issue try